Where the passion began.

Welcome to Sauce Daddy Hot Sauce, where our fiery adventure began in the backyard with the cultivation of scotch bonnets and the creation of the renowned Kingston Fire Hot Sauce. What started as a personal culinary indulgence, shared among friends, quickly turned into a sought-after delight.

Responding to the growing demand, we delved into the regulatory landscape, attending the Acidified Foods Production program at the University of North Carolina in 2021. Armed with the knowledge and determination, we obtained FDA approval, sales tax licenses, and comprehensive insurance, officially establishing Sauce Daddy Hot Sauce as a legitimate player in the market.

As our journey evolved, so did our flavors. Expanding beyond Kingston Fire, we curated a lineup of seven distinctive flavors, catering to a spectrum of tastes from mild to wild.

Sauce Daddy Hot Sauce isn't just about heat; it's a testimony to the transition from backyard experimentation to a thriving enterprise. Join us in savoring the passion and flavor that Sauce Daddy Hot Sauce brings to every table.